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Dear Author!

You're probably looking for some prompts, as my sign-up is terribly lacking. FEAR NOT. I HAVE PROMPTS A PLENTY.

First off, a few likes that I was too lazy to put into my signup: werewolves, high school AUs, long distance relationships, sadness, pining, miscommunication, slow burn, art school AUs, kneeling fic, fake dating, missed connections, science fiction, robots, (modern) military AUs.

Also, something else I forgot to put in my signup post: No Patrick Kane, if you're gonna write anything Hawks-adjacent. No Doughty or Voynov if you're writing Kings adjacent.


Boone Jenner/Ryan Murray/Seth Jones

Many many moons ago I had the vague idea of a soulbond AU where the Blue Jackets traded for Brandon Saad to have someone they could soulbond Ryan Johansen to For Hockey Reasons. Of course, before I could write it, Joey got traded and my hypothetical fic was ruined. BUT. I want this fic with Ryan Murray and Seth Jones, because they're magic together. Bonus points for Ryan and Boone being an established couple while this bonding process is happening!

Alternately, some kind of musician AU. Ryan Murray and his guitar got me feeling some kind of way.

Cam Atkinson/Brandon Saad/Ben Smith

What I really want from this fic is Cam making his boyfriend's other boyfriend feel welcome in a new city. Obviously feelings are going to happen, because I'm not new here, I know what I'm about, author. I want the fic about an open triangle becoming a closed one. Long and involved discussions of what it means to be poly!

Alternately, art school AU. Sculptor Ben Smith! Photographer BSaad! Printmaker Cam! Go wild!

Nicklas Backstrom/TJ Oshie/Alex Ovechkin

I want them in a modern military AU, mostly. Green rookie TJ Oshie meets sniper Ovi and his spotter Nicky. This is perfect for all kinds of DADT angst :D

Alternately, WEREWOLVES. TJ is a lone wolf looking for a pack, Nicky and Ovi are joint alphas running the DC pack who adopt him.

Niklas Hjalmarsson/Marcus Kruger/Johnny Oduya

First recorded threeway soulbond in the NHL. I want it.

Alternately, give me the fic where they learn to make it work long distance, when Marcus is stuck rehabbing his wrist in Chicago, Johnny is all the way in Texas, and Niklas is flying across the country with the team.

Jeff Carter/Mike Richards/Justin Williams

Five years after Mike and Justin lift the Cup together in Washington, they go home to LA for one last shot with Jeff.

Alternately, expansion fic where Mike and Jeff get reunited under assistant coach Justin Williams in Seattle.

Alternately, would accept straight up porn for this threesome TBH.

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If the media had asked Jeff Carter, he'd be able to tell them the exact date and time Mike got concussed. He’d be able to tell them exactly how concussed he was, when he made it worse, when he finally, finally started to get better.

When he started popping Oxy like it was going to be taken away from him in a heartbeat.

When the bond between them is so wobbly Jeff can’t tell if it’s the brain damage or the drugs.

But no one asks Jeff, so he takes a handful of advil and gets the fuck on with his day, and waits for Mike to admit it.


Mike sleeps late on off days. Jeff’s never been able to sleep much past dawn, a decade of early morning runs and gym sessions and bus rides breaking him of the habit of sleeping until ten.

The house feels big and empty when he leaves Mike in bed. Jeff feels like he’s rattling around it in. He lets Arnold out, makes breakfast, sits at the kitchen counter and frees tiny white pills from their blisters. He crushes one and mixes it into his juice, swallows the other dry. It takes a while for his mind to solidify, but eventually he pushes Mike back just enough that he can tell what’s bond and what’s himself.

He wonders if today is the day Mike is going to talk to him about it.

Mike’s dreaming, upstairs. Something dark, and jagged, like the nightmares he used to get in Philly. Jeff didn’t know what to do then. He’s not really sure he knows what to do now.

He gets up and pours another glass of juice, and counts the breaths until Mike snaps into wakefulness.

It feels like a bad day, when Mike pushes his way back into Jeff’s mind. He’s not doing it on purpose, Jeff knows, all the bond specialists they’ve spoken to tell him Mike isn’t really aware of what the bond is even doing, nowadays, but sometimes Jeff wishes it was a little less-- insidious. A little more like then they were kids, when it was rough around the edges, but Mike never let his dreams slip into the edges of Jeff’s consciousness.

A door opens and closes upstairs. The shower starts. Maybe it’s not such a bad day, Jeff thinks.

Mike’s hair needs cutting. He’s shaved, half-heartedly, but his curls fall into his eyes when he shuffles into the kitchen. He’s moving like he’s twice his age, three times. Like Jeff’s dad moved after his knee surgery. He curls into a seat at the island two down from Jeff and looks down at the plate of fruit in the middle of the table. Jeff resists the urge to nudge it towards him. He learnt the hard way that Mike eats when Mike wants to eat.

Slowly, slowly, he crunches into a wedge of apple.

‘I thought I’d take Arnold for a long walk today,’ Jeff says, casually. ‘After he was stuck inside all day yesterday.’

Mike nods. Jeff focuses in on the white noises and tries to listen to what he’s not saying.

Mike used to feel like fresh cut ice and the thin slick of water that covers a clean rink. Clear and blue and like Jeff could glide across the surface of him. He’s cloudy with age now, insubstantial and briars have burst through the ice like a barbed wire fence. Jeff can’t remember the last time he reached out to Mike and didn’t come away bloody.

Mike pulls an orange bottle out of his pocket, swallows three of them and finishes his wedge of apple. Jeff can feel when the drugs kick in. His headache fades a little, he feels less underwater.

Mike doesn’t look any better, but he looks Jeff in the eye when he lifts his head to shove his hair off his face.

‘You wanna come?’ Jeff asks. He’s not surprised when Mike shakes his head.

‘You got plans?’ Jeff doesn’t know why he keeps asking Mike this, but he does. Every day, when neither of them need to go to the rink, Jeff asks what he’s gonna do all day, and every day, Mike will do what he’s doing now. Shrug, and shift in his seat, like he’s waiting to be excused.

Mike never waits for permission to do anything. Jeff can’t get used to it.

‘Tired,’ Mike says. ‘My head hurts. I’m gonna nap.’

But you just woke up, Jeff doesn’t say. /But all you do is sleep/, he doesn’t say. /But I’m worried about you/, he doesn’t say.

He hums, instead, and starts clearing the breakfast things away. ‘Steak or salmon for dinner? I’m gonna hit up the farmers market.’

Mike shrugs again. ‘Salmon, I guess.’

‘Cool,’ Jeff says, feeling anything but. Arnold noses at his hand, like he knows Jeff’s stalling. He scratches his ears absentmindedly, and Arnold leans into it. ‘Come on, buddy,’ he says, grabbing his leash, toeing into his running shoes.

He runs for about three blocks before he staggers. The oxy hits him like a fucking car, and he stumbles onto grass, falls to his knees. ‘Fuck,’ he says, taking a huge, heaving breath. ‘You fucking idiot.’

Mike doesn’t take it often, but. It feels like Jeff’s been shot in the chest. It hurts. Thank fuck there’s no one around. Arnold licks his chin, concerned.

Jeff takes a deep breath, two, three, gets back to his feet. Mike is high, floating above the goddamn clouds.

Fuck you, Jeff thinks, loudly, clearly, sending it across the bond, before he does what he learnt in his secret bond therapy sessions, and snaps the bond shut.

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Dear most esteemed author!

Thank you for the fic you're going to write me! You're probably looking for some prompts, huh? FEAR NOT. I HAVE PROMPTS A PLENTY.

Nick Bjugstad/Kyle Rau

I don't know how this happened. I didn't mean to get attached/invested, but now I am, so.

I want. Hmm. These guys just scream angst. I want pain. I want emotions. I want unhappy endings. (I want Kyle Rau to cry.) Maybe the world has ended and they're looking for each other amongst the zombies/dust/nuclear fallout/tentacled aliens. Maybe they're both time travellers who are moving in the opposite directions (Think the Doctor and River Song in Doctor Who). Maybe they just can't make it work when one of them is in Portland and the other is in Sunrise. Make me cry, author. (Make them cry.)

Nick Leddy/Brandon Saad

Tradefic! Long distance slow burn pining! Maybe they weren't together in Chicago, and now they're in different cities, they're not sure what this weird longing is! 

Alternately, art school AUs. Nick Leddy has artist hands and Brandon Saad is very beautiful. That's about all I got for you.

(Note for this one: If you want to set this while Saad is still in Chicago, please no Patrick Kane mentions)

Cam Atkinson/Ben Smith

So they have known each other for YEARS and I would like fic about it. Tiny babies falling in love and then falling out, and falling back in when they're older and wiser and still don't know any better. More fic about making it work long distance!!!

Alternately, it's not prompted, but I would LOVE the fic where Brandon Saad and Ben are long distance boyfriends, and Ben asks his ex-boyfriend/best friend Cam to look after Brandon in this new city. And Cam looks after him all right. He looks after him all night long [finger guns].

Seth Jones/Jacob Trouba/Alex Galchenyuk

Werewolves. That's all I want. Give me werewolves. Maybe Alex is a baby werewolf fresh from the change and Seth and Jacob help him through it. Maybe they're bonded packmates making it work long distance (I think you understand what I'm about by now.).

Alternately, babies figuring out how to do the poly thing after falling together at Worlds. Maybe two of them are already together and they want to bring a third in. Maybe they all hook up after winning gold and are like "Shit, this is a thing, how do we do this forever?"

If none of this is tickling your fancy, then I have a long list of what I like on the initial sign up, and would gladly welcome anything on that list for one of these pairings! Modern military AU for Cam and Smitty? Sure! Kyle/Nick science fiction? Go ahead! Hockey robot Nick Leddy? I BEG YOU. (How else do you think the Isles got such a gorgeous skater?)

If you need help with these prompts/have something you're not quite sure about, please feel free to ask @bsaaders on twitter or brandonsaaders on tumblr!


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